Progress Report 3 #the100dayproject

Exploring collage
For the next part of my 100 day project I wanted to explore mixed media, primarily collage with paint and mark making. Once again I chose to work in a series of six, and the easiest way to do this was to use the same colour palette for each six. Working this way allows me to be more efficient, to limit the mess in my studio and to develop ideas from one work to the next.

The collage elements are mainly parts of images from magazines. Additionally, I also used some papers which I hand paint whenever I’m just playing around with paint and which end up in my collage paper collection. Because I’ve used images from magazines, I am unable to sell these works as there may be copyright issues and also I can’t guarantee the magazine images to be lightfast and they may fade over time if displayed.

My first six are a neutral palette:

My second six are blue:
Blue collage

I really enjoyed using the blue palette and discovered a love of deep indigo. I foresee this palette appearing in larger paintings when the project is finished.

For my third six I decided to go bright and bold:
bright collage

Bright colours with black and white always pack a punch, but I discovered another combination that I really love-coral and teal. Again, this combination may make an appearance in larger paintings in the future.

I was surprised how much I enjoyed using collage and mixed media. I would love to work this way in the future. However that means having to produce a range of collage papers myself, rather than use magazine pages and that means being super organised and a lot more work!