Progress Report 2 #the100dayproject

Small Abstract Paintings
100 Day Project Update 2

My 100 day project is progressing really well. Deciding to work in a series of six pieces at a time has helped ensure that it is manageable to complete a piece each day. I start working on all six pieces and refine individual ones on a daily basis.

The inspiration for this group of paintings came about after I took a taster class from Laura Horn Art. The class encouraged participants to explore colour palettes and mark making.

My first group of had desaturated blue as the main colour, with neutral greens and pinks supporting. This group proved to be very popular, and I’m pleased to say all were sold from Instagram.


For the next six pieces I decided to use neutral browns and creams. These colours are so restful, but after my first three paintings I couldn’t help but sneak a little colour into the last three. I did keep the colours restrained though.


My next group of six was a lot of fun- bright unsaturated colours with black and white details added. These were a joy to work on and make me smile every time I see them.


As a complete contrast I chose black and white for my next group of six. I found the lack of colour to be quite a challenge. Colour is such an immediate way to add spark and interest to a painting and when that is taken away it becomes necessary to find other ways of bring life to the piece. Originally I had thought I would use diluted black and greys, but in the end I preferred to add the sparkle with my use of marks.

black and white

Check back to see where #the100dayproject takes me next.