Developing a creative habit #the100dayproject

This year, I have decided once again, to participate in the 100 Day Project.

This is an international online project whereby participants choose a project to work on for 100 days and to post their progress online, mainly on Instagram.

The choice of topics is endless and seeing what others have chosen, and watching their progress is part of the appeal. Examples of things people have done in the past include cooking, knitting, photography, sculpture, learning a new language, decluttering, fitness…well, as I said the possibilities are endless and limited only by your imagination!

I have had number of ideas for my topic this year including; illustrating sentences from the Italian lessons I am doing on Duolingo, and painting 100 Still Life paintings.
However, I know I have a low boredom threshold so I needed to set myself a topic that would allow me to change things up if boredom sets in- 100 days is a long time to do a thing every day.!
Additionally, I wanted to do something that can be done quickly for those days when I inevitably find my enthusiasm waning.

So my topic this year is 100 small works of art.
This topic is broad enough to allow me to use any media I want, to explore any subject be it representational or abstract, and to vary the size and format of my art. So, no excuse for boredom then!

Last year I chose 100 abstract postcards as my topic. Although it was also a wide enough topic to alleviate boredom, it was restricted in terms of the size and shape of the postcards.
After the 100 days I found I had a number of small art works that I liked enough to develop into larger art works. I’m hoping the same thing might happen this year, especially in terms of helping me to discover an area that I might like to explore in greater depth in my art practise.

The 100 days starts on January 31st and it’s not too late to join in if you feel inclined.

You can follow my progress on my instagram: @pamthorburnart

I’ll be using #100smallartworks as my personal hashtag

You can follow the project using the hashtag #the100dayproject