I am an artist living in Edinburgh Scotland.
I spent the first half of my life in Australia. I grew up in the outback in a landscape that is arid and flat with intense light, heat and colour, a landscape that is as harsh as it is beautiful. Now living in Scotland, I am immersed in a landscape that couldn’t be more different: a landscape of mountains and rivers, lochs and moors, a land that can at times, be shrouded in soft mist and at other times have clear pure light; a landscape of subtle colour shifts. The use of colour in my work is strongly influenced by these contrasting environments.

The still life genre, with its endless artistic possibilities, ignites my creative spirit. The utensils we use, the objects we own, the food we eat, the books we read, all serve as vessels of human stories, windows into our past, present, and future. Through my paintings, I invite viewers to explore their own connections to these objects, to uncover the layers of meaning and memory that lie dormant within.

In my exploration of still life, I explore the depths of memory, weaving a tapestry of emotions through the language of color. Each object I paint carries with it a story, a fragment of time, a piece of my own history intertwined with the collective consciousness of humanity.

Colour, for me, is the very essence of emotion. Through colour, I seek to evoke the spectrum of human experience – from the tranquil blues of nostalgia to the fiery reds of passion, from the golden yellows of joy to the somber greys of introspection.
In my process I embrace distortion and representation as tools to capture the character of my subjects. Sometimes, I may stretch and bend shapes, viewpoints, and perspectives to convey the essence of a memory.

Ultimately, my art is a celebration of the human experience – a testament to the beauty and complexity of our shared existence. It is my hope that through my use of colour and imagery, I can provoke contemplation, spark conversation, and foster a deeper connection to the world around us.

I paint because it makes me happy. It brings me joy and contentment.

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