Auction for India

We have all been hit hard by Covid over the past year, but none so hard as poor countries. We in the more affluent countries have had access to medical care and vaccinations. Like me, you will will have all seen news reports of the suffering and increasing rates of infection in India. Aid agencies are in urgent need of money to help alleviate the suffering. Helping India helps us also; the sooner Covid is under control there, the less chance there is a the virus mutating and becoming vaccine resistant.

I've decided to auction one of my paintings on my Instagram account to try to raise some money to help.
The auction will close on Saturday, 15th May, 2021 at 9pm London time.
The winning bid will receive this painting.

There is Hope

It's 30 x30 cm, acrylic and other media on 300gsm paper. I will post anywhere. Even if you don't bid you can help support my efforts my sharing my Instagram post.

I have chosen to donate through India Covid Relief Appeal.
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